Lab Engineer – Mechanical Engineering

Vacancy for: Faculty of Engineering

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Scope & Purpose:
Under direct supervision of the Head of the Mechanical Engineering department and general supervision of the engineering faculty, the Lab Engineer provides supplemental support to small groups of students enrolled in the related undergraduate tutorials and labs. Employees in this classification will develop, organize, and support student activities in the lab sections with guidance/direction from the department’s head and supervise student interactions. The Lab Engineer will also be directly responsible for the upkeeping and maintenance of lab equipment. The Lab Engineer is responsible for operating the designated CNC machines.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities
1. Promotes safety inside the laboratory
2. Prepares laboratory equipment on a weekly basis for related sections and practice hours
3. Operates the laboratory equipment
4. Sets and operates CNC machines
5. Expertise in writing M/G code for CNC machines
6. Trains and supervises other laboratory staff as needed
7. Conducts functionality checks of critical lab equipment on a day to day basis
8. Maintains, calibrates and tests all the equipment in the laboratory
9. Undertakes in-house fixing of damages in the laboratory equipment when applicable
10. Where necessary, liaises with the equipment vendors on matters of installation, and maintenance
11. Remains available for various lab sessions throughout the semesters
12. Updates equipment software from time to time as needed, with the help of IT
13. Attends meetings as and when required
14. Undertakes other duties activities as assigned by the supervisor(s)
15. Perform inventory control and help in preparing quotations for existing and new equipment
16. Supervise students’ workers in the lab and validates their time sheets
17. Helps in organizing students’ projects, and other lab events
18. Conducts orientation for new faculty members and TAs related to the existing equipment

Certifications of expertise in the areas of operating CNC machines and manufacturing processes.
Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering or equivalent.

Experience in handling technical laboratory equipment/ CNC machines preferably in an academic setting.

1. Technical skills with manufacturing processes / production technology laboratory equipment
2. Expertise in CAD/CAM
3. Computer skills
4. Knowledge of instruments related to measurements and material testing
5. Written and spoken communication skills both in Arabic and English (German is a plus)

Applications will be reviewed until the position is filled. For best consideration, submit applications by 19th of May 2024

Post Date: Sunday, April 21, 2024

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