GIUAS Pharmaceutical Engineering Program


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German International University of Applied Science (GIU AS) offers industry-focused and future-oriented Bachelors and Masters Study Degrees in the following specializations and majors of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Engineering.

English is the Teaching Language

Study duration: 8 semesters + 1.5 years (Masters)

Degrees awarded: Bachelors and Masters of Science in Pharmaceutical Engineering


Why GIUAS Pharmaceutical Engineering Program ?

  • The global pharmaceutical industry is one of the fastest growing industrial sectors netting more than $1,400 billion in sales in 2019, with an average annual growth rate of 5-8%, providing a wide variety of career opportunities.


  • Pharmaceutical Engineering is the first program of its kind offered in Egypt, the region, and globally. Pharmaceutical Engineering is a new branch of engineering focused on discovering, formulating & manufacturing medication, as well as both analytical & quality control processes. Though there are many sectors, pharmaceutical engineering still occupies the topmost position in the hierarchy of competition. 


  • Pharmaceutical engineers are well trained regarding the basic prospects of drug discovery process and are involved in projects and researches related to the invention of more reliable, cost effective and long-term pharmaceutical solutions. They are offered unique opportunities to experience different sectors of the industry. They can therefore efficiently handle and work on biomedical industries, drugs designing & discovery facilities, R&D depts. and any of the drug manufacturing plants. They acquire immense practical knowledge & skills on subjects like drug synthesis & formulation, drug dosage forms, process engineering and mechanical engineering, handling chemical agents, and on various safety measures and equipment during their study. GIUAS Pharmaceutical engineering graduates are thus eligible to work in any of the related fields.


  • GIUAS Pharmaceutical engineering graduates are very dynamic and talented and can fit easily in different sectors.


  • This program links four disciplines; Engineering, Pharmacy, Management, and Technology.


Career Potentials
Graduates of this program will be able to work in a wide variety of sectors
Pharmaceutical Industry 
Research and Development 
  • Development of new drugs
  • Process scale-up 
  1. Product Development Manager
  2. Process Development Engineer
  3. Machine Construction Head
  1. Manufacturing Sector Head
Labelling and packaging
  1. Process Engineer 
  2. Facility Design Manager
  3. Production Manager
  4. Automation Engineer
Quality control and Quality assurance
Quality Management
  1. Quality Control Manager 
Marketing and Sales 
Customer Relation
  1. Sales Manager
  2. Product Manager 
  3. Regional Manager
Government Agencies
Drug Approval and Analysis
  1. Application Specialist
Research Institutions

University / Applied University

  1. Academic Staff
  2. Master Student / PhD Student
Research / Funding Agencies 
  1. Laboratory Manager
  2. Academic Manager 
  3. Researcher
Health Service Organizations
Health Monitoring / Advising / Public Support
  1. Process/Production Advisor
  2. Analytical Specialist

This Program covers the Following Areas of Study 

Process/ Automation TechnologyProduct Development & Design
Thermal Process EngineeringBiprocess Control
Regeneration Process EngineeringProcess Simulation
InformaticsProcess Engineeing
MarketingCommunication Skills
Academic EnglishPharmaceutical Chemistry
GermanPharmaceutical Technology
Organic ChemistryExperimental Design
MicrobiologyProduction & Life Science Technology
Material Engineering Bio-analytics 
Instrumental AnalyticsMathematics & Statistics
Process Monitoring & HygieneGeneral Analytical Chemistry
Mass Flow Management & Life Cycle AssessmentCellular & Molecular Biology
Systems BiologyPhysics