The GIU AS offers its students a variety of top facilities that enable an exceptional learning experience as well as a lively students’ campus life, thus creating a good balance between studying and socializing to make sure students benefit most during their stay at the university.

Student Counseling Services

The student counseling at GIU AS provides the following services:
  • Counseling services for high school students regarding admission procedures and choice of areas of study
  • Assisting new entrants to make first steps at GIU AS including orientation programs
  • Information about course offerings of the different faculties, different degree courses including the contents of the studies and the different options.

Students Internship and Career Services

The responsibility of the Students Internship and Career Services office is to help GIU AS students to find internships, to determine career goals, identify and find appropriate employment in the fields of their specializations whereby they can progress in their development as individuals and as constructive members of society.

International Students Services

GIU AS is an international university that values and encourages its multicultural society as this creates a positive and enriching learning environment. International students can refer directly to the GIU AS International Student section in the admission office which is responsible for the international students.


GIU AS Clinic provides preliminary medical service for all GIU AS community members. The medical service is run by the university doctor and nurses. They provide urgent medical treatment and advice during university hours.

Transportation Services

GIU AS will assist students in offering transportation services to and from main central areas in Cairo.

Students with Special Needs

GIU AS welcomes applications from students with special needs and long-term medical conditions. Applications are assessed on the same academic background.
The university provides additional services and facilities where appropriate including:
  • Special examination arrangements can be made in individual cases with difficulty.
  • Ramp access to buildings, wide door elevators and sanitary facilities are available on campus.
Students with special needs are also encouraged to visit GIU AS before applying, to view the facilities provided by the university and assess if their particular requirements can be met.

Extracurricular Activities

GIU AS believes in the importance of the extracurricular activities as a valuable part of the educational experience providing students with a golden opportunity to gain new skills, broaden knowledge and be an active member of GIU AS community.
The students’ activities such as music, theatre, excursions, painting, pottery, photographing, filming and writing are kept on going for the whole year even during vacations and will be running through cultural groups.
Students are given the opportunity to show their talents in special cultural events held by the University and through forming Active Working Groups (AWG).

Sports Facilities and Services

GIU AS offers a diverse range of sports for purpose of maintaining the physical balance of all students and staff.
Talented students are given the chance to participate in various competitions inside and outside the university, as well as in national and international competitions.


GIU AS Cafeteria on Campus offers hot and cold drinks, sandwiches and snacks at reasonable prices.


The GIU AS Library is an essential facility that complements study and research activities of the GIU AS. It hosts scientific and academic online databases that give access to primary sources for research purposes. Furthermore, the library includes on-line services that cover different disciplines and books in different fields. The Collections available are in German, English and Arabic.

IT Center

  • Provides a complete, modern network infrastructure across the campus.
  • Support the University in the provision of up-to-date PC hardware with a consistent portfolio of software products throughout the University network
  • Develop excellent quality business systems for corporate departments within the University
  • Support of IT equipment’s
Our administration system allows university students and staff to perform a variety of essential tasks, such as:
  • Viewing schedules
  • Checking grades
  • Checking attendance
  • Viewing transcript
  • Viewing exam schedules