Germany Summer Academic Workshops & Courses 2021

Spend your summer in Germany in one of GIU Berlin’s workshops, German or academic courses to learn from experts, go to exclusive site visits and listen to speakers from Germany and all around Europe in once in a lifetime experience‼

You can choose one of the below workshops and courses to register in as a show of intent (i.e. with no financial commitment yet, but to reserve a place and get priority in payment as places are limited). We are now posting our offerings for the various eligible student groups to choose from. Some offerings are workshops and others are counted as courses. Upon successful completion and return from Germany, students get a certificate of attendance that can further add on to their career resume.

Note: Fees will be announced soon!

Digital Transformation for Industry 4.0 Workshop (For all Engineering and Informatics & Computer Science students):

e-Marketing in practice Workshop (For all students & all faculties):

Financial Services and Green Course (For all Business Administration students and available for other faculties but without credit hours):

Long - Range IoT onboard Sensors for Avionics Monitoring Workshop (For all Engineering and Informatics students starting from 3rd year):

Pharmaceutical Drug Developments Course (For all Pharmaceutical Engineering and Biotechnology students):

MAGIC- Modern Aspects in Generating Industrial Compounds Workshop (For all Pharmaceutical Engineering students):

German Language Courses DE 3 & DE 4 (For all students):

Battery-Less Sensors- Energy Harvesting Workshop (For all Engineering and Informatics students):