GIU Chairman of the Board of Trustees: The German Higher Education in Egypt is the most Successful

Date: Monday, January 31, 2022

Mr. Julius Georg Luy, the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of GIU has arrived from Germany on 30th of January 2022. In the frame of his regular visits to GIU Campus, chairman Luy oversees examinations and construction developments.


During his visit Amb. Luy will engage in several meetings with different academics and responsible persons internally and externally. On 3rd of February 2022, he will attend a meeting with the Board members of the German-Arab Chamber of Industry and Commerce and the chairmen of the boards of directors of German companies operating in Egypt, with the aim of discussing means of cooperation between the GIU and the Chamber.


Mr. Julius Georg Luy stated that after three years of GIU operation in Egypt that the German higher education proves to be the most successful. Adapting with the amazing fast developments and planning in the new administrative capital, in addition to the usual great strong support given by all the German and Egyptian authorities, GIU has obtained steady developments as per the set operation time schedule between Egypt and Germany.   


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