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Vacancy for: Sports activities department

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The Lifeguard’s/ Sports Activities coordinator’s responsibilities lay in explaining and enforcing rules,
regulations, and policies to ensure users safety, Overseeing and facilitating activities at an aquatic facility
and responding to emergencies and rescuing swimmers in danger of drowning.

Responsibilities and Duties
• Assists in Organizing, and scheduling sports events and tournaments land activities that are relevant to the students.
• Assists in Preparing schedules and ensures facilities, equipment/or other related items are available and set up for the tournaments within appropriate timeframes.
• Ensure that the supplies, equipment, and materials required are present to -carry out day-to-day activities related to the swimming pool.
• Plan and conducts the swimming team tryouts.
• In charge of building and coaching the university's swimming team
• Following up on the maintenance work inside the swimming pool.
• Planning and executing the swimming coaching sessions.
• Observes the swimming pool, detect any problems and report them to the facility manager.
• Supervision of cleaning and organization work inside the swimming pool.
• Conduct pool inspections, monitor chlorine levels and complete pool chemical logs and report imbalances or concerns to the facility manager.
• Communicate and enforce policies and procedures of the swimming pool in a timely and professional manner.
• Perform CPR and administer first aid in case of emergencies
• Participate in swimming championships/Tournaments and represent the GIU swimming team.
• Substitute and support the Gym trainer in operating the GYM hall on GIU campus.
• Participation in the preparation and implementation of the game tournaments inside the university.

• Ability to recognize and respond to emergencies through knowledge and application of lifeguard surveillance and rescue techniques.
• Ability to enforce pool policies while providing a high level of customer service to students, and staff members.
• Ability to work as a team with other lifeguards, facility staff and management.
• 1-3 years’ Experience as Life Guard.
• Bachelor’s degree.
• Ability to instruct and motivate people.
• Excellent communication and organization skills.
• Certificated in CPR and first aid.
• Lifeguard license.

Post Date: Tuesday, May 7, 2024

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