GIUAS Food Industry Engineering Program


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German International University of Applied Science (GIU AS) offers industry-focused and future-oriented Bachelors and Masters Study Degrees in the following specializations and majors of the Faculty of Food Industry Engineering.

 English is the Teaching Language

Study duration: 8 semesters + 1.5 years (Masters)

Degrees awarded: Bachelors and Masters of Science in Food Industry Engineering

Food industry is one of the biggest, fastest and most growing sectors. It belongs to the core industrial sectors worldwide. There are over 7000 companies in Egypt serve the Nutritional Sector. Thus, there is an escalating demand for qualified potentials ready to face the current challenges. In the first quarter of 2020, the global market demand reached 4910 vacancies in USA, while in Egypt and gulf area almost 1400 vacancies. Retail food sales worldwide are expected to register $98 billion in 2025.

Why GIUAS Food Industry Engineering Program ?

  • Integrates different scientific disciplines; Science, Engineering, Technology and Management to enable students to find the most advanced methods of application in processing and production of new trends in technologies and innovations in foods industry.


  • Ensures that graduates of this program acquire the knowledge & skills  in all fields of food production such as manufacturing, process engineering, quality control & assurance, food technology, development and marketing according to international standards in order to be able to design, plan and manage food transformation and processing, quality control, food safety and all related processing and engineering related subjects.


  • Qualifies graduates not only to work and lead but also become an expert in the field of food industry and prepares them to face the complex tasks as it combines all needed disciplines related to this vital industry.


  • Help students acquire broad scientific and methodological know-how through an application-oriented range of courses which will prepare students to take on leadership and management positions in the international labor market.


  • The program is linked to the industry through well-designed internship program that allows students to access outstanding training and hands-on experience in food industry. 


  • World class German Bachelor and Master of in Food Science and Engineering 
Career Potentials
Graduates of Food Science and Engineering program are excellent candidates for a wide variety of career opportunities worldwide:
I. Industrial & Engineering Sector
  • Industrial Automation Engineer 
  • Food Product Manager 
  • Food & Beverages Production Expert
  • Industrial hygiene Professional
  • Innovative Packaging Materials Proficient
  • Processed Food Engineer 
  • Process Development Engineer
  • Special Food Manufacturer 
  • Food Testing Professional
II. Managerial Sector
  • Food Products Marketing and Sales
  • Brand Strategy Manager
  • Manager of Food Supply Chain
  • Food & Beverages importing specialist 
  • Private Business Manager
  • Quality Control Manager
III. Food Science & Technology Sector
  • Research & Development Expert
  • Food Technologist
  • Food Safety Specialist
  • Food Nutritional Advisor
  • Food Scientist
  • Expert of Food Regulatory Affairs
  • Proficient of Innovative Food Products 
  • Professional Food Blogger
The program covers the following areas of food sectors
Food Safety and quality Assessment Basics of Nutrition and Human Diet
Industrial hygieneAdvanced Engineering
Process EngineeringInnovative Packaging Materials
Automation TechnologyFood Industry & Global Economics
Corporate Management & Investment
Managing Food Supply Chain
Milk Products Technology 
Food Quality Assurance
Food Process Design, Process Integration & Scale up
  Regulatory affairs, Legal Aspects and Food Law