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Vacancy for: Faculty of Design

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We are looking for an employee who has proven professional and technical expertise in the field of clothing production, master craftsmanship or in the craft context of a tailor and is interested in the support of the model studio for fashion design at GIU.
You are responsible for the functioning and operation of the model studio and work in a team of teachers and administrators.
This includes support in the implementation of the designs in models and outfits as well as the maintenance and provision of all technical and material facilities.

Prerequisite is the completion of professional training in the field of tailoring, costume or sewing.
The application must be accompanied by evidence of professional experience in the areas sought. Knowledge of the procurement and maintenance of sewing machines and ironing systems is helpful.
Knowledge of analog cutting technology is also a prerequisite for the setting.
Due to the prevailing English classes, knowledge of English is an advantage.

Experience / requirements / skills

• Vocational training in a technical / craft context
• First professional experience in clothing production or proof of teaching activity in the above-mentioned areas.
• Experience in the procurement and maintenance of a machine park for the production of fashion.
• Communication skills and knowledge with common software applications.
• Team player and interested in international cooperation.

Post Date: Sunday, May 22, 2022

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