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The German International University invites highly able and motivated applicants for the following Instructor vacancy in the Architectural Engineering Faculty. Successful candidates will be expected to contribute to undergraduate teaching.


The Architectural Engineering Faculty is seeking vibrant candidates who are expected to work under the supervision of Lecturer / Associate Professor or a Professor.

The Instructor should contribute to the preparation and delivery of design studios and other theoretical courses and will lead tutorial groups with the aid of teaching assistants.

He/she is also expected to devote non-teaching hours to advising and providing other support services to students in addition to participation in administrative activities. Instructors should always maintain a continuous engagement in academic research and publishing.


• Applicants for this position should hold at least a master degree in architecture.
• Applicants for this position should have at least four semesters of teaching experience with roles comparable to an Instructor.
• Practical experience is an addition.

Experience / Skills:

• Solid Knowledge to prepare the different tasks for the development of any course of the program (study curriculum, assignments, quizzes, handouts and teaching materials for the different lectures)
• High competence to supervise processing & evaluate assignments.
• High competence to provide instruction to students during lectures and tutorials as well as during the office hours.
• Strong commitment to coordinate and supervise grading and the timely issuance of reports for students.
• Solid knowledge of the different software that are currently used in the courses of the current curriculum.
• Strong commitment to progressive design education principles and intellectual discourse.
• Understanding of the implications of design practice within social, cultural, economic, scientific and technological contexts.
• Competence of working well with people from diverse cultural backgrounds, professional training and aesthetic sensibilities.
• Strong competences to structure and define project goals in order to foster and motivate positive experiences.
• Excellent interpersonal communication skills and writing in English, which is the teaching language.
• Good management skills, including the ability to meet deadlines, communicate and motivate effectively.
• An interest in working collaboratively within the GIU and with external partners towards the development of shared projects

Application Instructions:

Interested applicants are invited to submit their curriculum vitae including:
• Employment history, and a list of publications and projects undertaken.
• Motivational letter
• Letters of recommendation of the professors you worked with, with a list of courses that taught after acquiring the M.Sc or PhD qualification as well as the year of this academic activity.
• Statement outlining research and teaching interests.
• Online access to a portfolio of your work.

Applications will be reviewed until the position is filled. For best consideration, submit applications by 30th of August 2022.

For further information, please contact the Human Resources Department: hr@giu-uni.de

Post Date: Monday, June 6, 2022

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