GIU: Redefining Education

Date: Wednesday, February 26, 2020

The GIU Faculty of Informatics and Computer Science organized an orientation for enrolled students that was hosted by GIU President Prof. Matthias Knaut, who introduced Prof. Dr. Barne Kleinen from HTW Berlin University and GIU Faculty of Informatics and Computer Science Prof. Dr. Klaus Baer from Technical University of Ulm.
Students in this orientation were informed about the program of the Faculty of Informatics and Computer Science and what they will learn. This is inclusive of but not limited to analyzing and extracting knowledge from large and complex datasets as well as visualizing and presenting this information in a clear and insightful way. Students also learnt how they will be able throughout their studies at GIU to store and manage big data in an optimized way. Through a highly practice-oriented curriculum, attendees were informed how students will be graduates of highest value for almost every company that holds data and the leading members of the most highly demanded community of data experts in the world!

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