GIU Meets the Industry & Businesses: Egyptian Steel

Date: Sunday, December 13, 2020

The German International University – GIU hosted the “Steel Making & Application” session at GIU campus in the New Administrative Capital on Sunday, 13th of December,2020. Eng. Amro Hassanin, Executive Director of the Technical & Production Planning Department (T&PP) at Egyptian Steel gave students from various faculties and majors a presentation about the process of steelmaking and explained to them its various stages. The students understood the importance steel has as a key component in many industries and its different uses. Eng. Hassanein also went through the history of steel and how it has developed through ages.


The lecture was followed by a Q&A session. Eng. Amro Hassanin answered students’ questions through leading an interactive discussion. One of the most repeated questions was how “Egyptian Steel” select their employees. Eng. Amro answered this question in detail and mentioned all specifications and qualifications that “Egyptian Steel” considers in the hiring process.

In addition, the Egyptian Steel Company offered internship opportunities to GIU students from faculties of Engineering, Informatics & Computer Science and Business Administration to raise their competencies and skills via actual applications in their training time.


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