GIU Faculty of Design Majors' Orientations

Date: Monday, December 20, 2021

The GIU's keenness to accompany the students step by step throughout their study journey pushes for more student-academic engagement off and in classes. As such, the GIU Faculty of Design held an orientation for the 1st year Design students, in order to give them an insight into the possibilities and potentials of the available majors of Industrial Design and Fashion Design, which they need to choose from. The faculties' academics explained each major's fields of study, focus points, and career prospects aiming to assist the students to decide about which major best matches their set of skills and talents. A Q&A session followed the orientation to answer all students' queries.

For Fashion Design

Prof. Saskia Heilmann (Conceptional Design Professor), Inst. Reem Hamed (Instructor of Fashion Technology Expert, Pattern making CAD Fashion and 3D in Fashion) and Inst. Farah Khalid Abdelhamid (Instructor of Conceptional Jewellery Design/ Metalsmithing) presented all the details about the Fashion Design major, the job opportunities offered for fashion design graduates, and showed students links between the Fashion Design Study Program and both the Egyptian & the international Fashion Markets based on their experience.

For Industrial Design

Prof. Miroslaw Leczek (Conceptional Design Professor) and Inst. Rania Elkalla (Instructor of Materialspecialist/ Material Lab Supervisor) also presented all the details about the Industrial Design major, the job opportunities for an industrial design major graduate, and also linked the Industrial Design Major to the Egyptian & the international Products Markets based on their experience.

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