Lebanese Fashion Designer Salim Cherfane at GIU Campus

Date: Sunday, December 20, 2020

The GIU Faculty of Design welcomed the Lebanese designer Salim Cherfane on our campus at the New Administrative Capital. Mr. Salim provided our Fashion Design students with a 3-day workshop from 20th till 22nd of December 2020  to help them develop their upcoming photoshoot concept for their W20 semester collection as well as utilize InDesign Software to put their thoughts in action.

Additionally, Salim helped the students in creating a mood board for their photoshoot for concept, art direction, styling and casting. During the workshop they created their story boards following his directions and finalized their plans on InDesign Software.  

Salim praised his experience with the GIU students and applauded the great output they presented in only 3 days’ time. The students respectively loved his energy and passion for design and many of them were inspired by his way of thinking and translated this inspiration into new sketches immediately.

The Lebanese designer Salim Cher Fan further commented “I'm happy and grateful to be invited to the GIU to share my experience and knowledge with the students, to expand their horizons and inspire them to create their own identity and signature as designers.”

Salim Cherfane Bio:

 Salim Cherfane – CREATIVE DIRECTOR / DESIGNER sees the world in pulsating colors and is a very playful and vibrant designer, just like his sense of fashion. He collages bold colors, loud patterns and clean cuts, creating versatile ready-to-wear compositions that are graphic and fun.

Born and raised in Beirut, Salim came into fashion by way of graphic design and art direction, both of which he studied at L’Academie Libanaise des Beaux Arts.  “Jeux de Mains” is his first fashion label.



WEBSITE (Jeuxdemains.co)


For more info, check out Salim’s post on his Instagram account about his visit to the GIU:



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