First GIU Football LIGA Tournament at GIU Campus in the New Administrative Capital,2020

Date: Saturday, November 14, 2020

The German International University – GIU has organized a three days’ football tournament “GIU Football LIGA” from Saturday 14th  to 16th  of November 2020, at the GIU campus in the New Administrative Capital.

Teams names were based on the German Football League “Bundesliga”.23 teams have registered in the tournament and 12 matches were played over the three days of the event.

On Sunday the 15th  of Nov. the second and the third-round matches were played and ended up with three teams being qualified to the semi-finals (GIU Legendary, GIU FC Köln & VfL Wolfsburg).

On the Last Day, a ceremony was held on the GIU campus to hand over the GIU Football LIGA trophy for the winning team. The first and second place team members received certificates of recognition for their participation in the tournament.  Amb. Julius Georg Luy, the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of GIU congratulated the winning team members namely:


First Place: GIU VfL Wolfsburg

Mohamed Tawkol- Business Administration Faculty             
Moustafa Hesham - Business Administration Faculty             
Omar Ali - Business Administration Faculty             
Adham Salem - Business Administration Faculty             
Seif Tamer - Business Administration Faculty             
Shreif El- Maghrabi- Business Administration Faculty
Second Place: GIU Hannover
Omar Hisham- Engineering Faculty
Ahmed Elwalid- Engineering Faculty
Khaled Ahmed Computer Science Faculty 
Ahmed Mohamed - Engineering Faculty
Nour Eldin Elkholy - Engineering Faculty
Mohamed Elsafty - Engineering Faculty

At the end of the ceremony, group pictures were made to celebrate this event as the first football tournament on the GIU campus at the New Administrative capital.


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