Orientation Session for Parents at GIU Campus

Date: Monday, July 27, 2020

GIU organized orientation sessions for the parents and interested applicants on Monday, 27th of July, 2020 at GIU campus in the New Administrative Capital. Prof. Dr. Ashraf Mansour, Co-Chairman of the Board of Trustees and GUC Chairman of the Board of Trustees, welcomed the guests along with the GIU team and academics. Guests then got a brief overview about the faculties of the GIU and their majors, their corresponding career prospects in addition to the travel abroad options offered by the university, whether for students or graduates.

The GIU Faculties that were introduced were:

• Faculty of Engineering

• Faculty of Informatics and Applied Computer Science

• Faculty of Business Administration

• Faculty of Design

• Faculty of Pharmaceutical Engineering & Technology

• Faculty of Biotechnology

At the end of the session, Prof. Dr. Ashraf Mansour answered all inquiries of parents and students, who further explored more about the German education in Egypt potentials and limitless possibilities.

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