Ambassador Dr. Cyrill Nunn, German Ambassador in Egypt, Visits GIU Campus in the New Administrative Capital

Date: Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Prof. Dr. Ashraf Mansour GIU Co-Chairman of the Board of Trustees and GUC Chairman of the Board of Trustees welcomed on Tuesday the 21st of July 22, 2020, Ambassador Dr. Cyrill Nunn - German Ambassador in Egypt - at the GIU Campus in the New Administrative Capital. Ambassador Nunn was accompanied by GIU Co- Chairman Prof. Mansour on a campus tour to view the unique buildings equipped with the top notch infrastructure and the various facilities offered for GIU students who are  due to start their Winter 20 semester soon.


The tour included visits to the existing classes, labs, meeting areas, staff offices as well as meetings and event spaces. The visit atmosphere was very energetic inspired by the greenery, light and colorful décor of the GIU Campus at the New Administrative Capital. Also, students attending the GIU Summer Technology Camp as well as the visiting parents admitting newly enrolled students added a unique livelihood and positivity.


Before bidding farewell, Ambassador Nunn wished all GIU team further success, as per his Excellency’s statement:


“This morning I had the chance to visit the brand new campus of the GIU. I am very impressed that the GUC’s new sister University - the German International University for Applied Sciences - boasts the first fully functional university buildings right in the center of the New Administrative Capital. It is also the first time that Germany’s successful concept of a Fachhochschule (University of Applied Sciences) is implemented in Egypt. This great achievement would not have been possible without tireless work of Prof. Dr. Ashraf Mansour and his team to bring together the best of Germany’s Universities of Applied Sciences to launch this new beacon of transnational education cooperation between Germany and Egypt. With this newest addition, Germany can truly be proud of being the key partner country for higher education in Egypt.”


                                                        Amb. Dr. Cyrill Nunn

                                                        German Ambassador to Egypt


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