A number of Full as well as Partial Scholarships will be offered for the best graduates of High schools, where students will be completely or partially exempted from study fees during the whole study at GIU on condition of maintaining satisfactory performance throughout their study period.

As such, the admission criteria for the scholarship rely solely on academic distinction as the main measure for acceptance.

Students achieving Excellent High School scores will be included in the scholarship ranking (Full or Partial) provided that they comply with the year of admission scholarship regulation and deadlines.

GIU - IGCSE   Scholarships Ranges 2020

IGCSE   Scholarships Ranges 2020

GIU American Diploma Full and Partial Scholarships Ranges 2020/ 2021

American Diploma Scholarship 2020

GIU Thanaweya Amma Full and Partial Scholarships Ranges 2020/ 2021

Thanaweya Amma Scholarship 2020

The National Top Ranked Thanaweya Amma students full scholarship

GIU offers annually full scholarships for the top ranked national Al-Thanaweya Al-Amma holders to study in one of GIU’s different disciplines. Over the years hundreds of students have benefitted from this scholarship type. The scholarship covers:

  • Study fees throughout the whole study period (four or five academic years as per the chosen study group)
  • Accommodation based on availability (for non- Cairo residents)
  • Transportation (for non- Cairo residents)
  • Admission Test fees
  • Lab insurance

Scholarship regulation:

  • Applicant should be Egyptian citizen.
  • Applicant has to be among top 10 top ranked national Al-Thanaweya Al-Amma holders for the same year of admission.
  • Applicant has to pass GIU admission tests.
  • For Faculty of Design, passing the aptitude exam is a must.
  • Applicants should abide by all GIU bylaws and regulation, as well as GIU housing regulation.
  • Students receiving scholarships will maintain their scholarship so long as their overall GPA is better than 3.00 (C)