German International University of Applied Science (GIU AS) offers Industry-focused and Future-oriented Study Programs taught in English in cooperation with the German Founding Universities of Applied Sciences.

English is the Teaching Language

Applied Computer Science

An applied computer science program offers students with a foundation in computer systems, hardware and software. Applied Computer Science degree program prepare students for a variety computer-related careers, such as software engineering, game design, computer programmer and Database administrator

(Source: Hochschule Niederrhein - University of Applied Sciences)

Applied Computer science graduates task is mainly in the further development of application systems they are needed in virtually all areas of industry, business and administration.

The program in Applied Computer Science helps in learning different techniques and procedures for professional application development. Students get to know the advantages and disadvantages of various object-oriented programming languages such as Java, also prepare students well for the diverse requirements of an application developer; students will be trained in addition to pure software development in relevant topics such as IT security and operating system architecture.

Data Science

Data Science is demanded in nowadays modern life! From daily online shopping and usage social networks to scientific research and finance, detailed Information is collected. Data scientists’ task is turning this data into intelligence through the application of cutting-edge techniques in Statistics and Computer Science.

Data Science deals with the extraction of knowledge from large and complex data sets. The basis for this is the processing and storage of data using relational database systems as well as the use of new, highly distributed technologies (NoSQL databases and Hadoop).

Data engineering often brings heterogeneous data into a usable form, which allows gaining information and insights by means of advanced analytical methods (analytics).

At the top level in the field of data science also methods of artificial intelligence are used (machine learning), for example, to create predictions. This gives companies the opportunity to make objective and data-driven decisions.

In the field of data science, professors and employees work with these technologies in various fields of application: medicine, energy industry and business intelligence.

Media Informatics

Be innovative; be a Media Informatics Graduate!

We see a continious technology change in media: a clear distinction between tv, video, film, and even traditional press has got lost. Mobile phones and computers are used for a growing number of purposes. The multitude of applications requires cutting edge competences which will be created in the study program of media computing. The focus can be on Game Technology & Interactive Systems, Visual Computing, Web Technology. 
Besides computing students will get a thorough knowledge in related business fields and competences of project and quality management, working in groups on real projects. 

Software Engineering

Software engineering is a detailed study of engineering that introduces how to design, develop and maintain software.

Software Engineering supports the education of students in learning and applying methods and tools of software engineering. Software Engineering aims to provide a systematic approach to the development, operation and maintenance of software. It allows the systematic usage of suitable methods and tools in the software development process to ultimately obtain "better" software.

Core competencies:

  • Software modeling and object-oriented software design
  • Application of agile process models
  • Software Quality Assurance
  • Model-based software development
  • Development of mobile applications
  • Program analysis and compiler construction
  • Computer Graphics
  • Game Programming