German International University of Applied Science (GIU AS) offers industry-focused and future-oriented Bachelors and Masters Study Degrees in the following specializations and majors of the Faculty of Design.

English is the Teaching Language


Fashion Design

If fashion is your passion, this major may be custom-made for you!


(Source: HTW Berlin University of Applied Sciences)
Fashion Design degree program qualifies students in the areas of fashion design, costume design and textile design. It transfers artistic skills and techniques for conception, design and product realization.

Fashion Design concept focusses development and manufacturing, menswear, knitwear, fashion marketing and business management. Students become experts and learn how to analyze consumer trends that ultimately influence inventory purchases. Fashion design Students take courses in studio-style classrooms that give emphasis to individual vision and collective technical fashion skills and techniques. Students will be able to harness their own individual concepts and designs and to function as part of a fashion design team.


Industrial Design

Strong in math, science, and art: industrial design combines all three!

In today’s tough consumer-driven markets, global competition is in continuous rise. development cycles are becoming very fast and consumers’ preferences are in rapid and continuous change which made it  crucial for manufacturers to employ industrial designers.

Industrial design guides students in creating, developing and introducing new products and services that improves human experience through solving arising problems and filling market gaps. Industrial design helps employers gain competitive advantages by introducing strong contributors who are capable of linking technical, artistic and human scientific aspects with economic and social interests.