German International University of Applied Science (GIU AS) offers industry-focused and future-oriented Bachelors and Masters Study Degrees in the following specializations and majors of the Faculty of Business Administartion.

English is the Teaching Language


International Business

As the pace of globalization accelerates the size of international trade and cross national economic transactions surge. Multinational and transnational organizations play a key role in such economic environments. Executives of these organizations must be trained not only to manage business, but also do this in diverse and dynamic environments.

The field of international business focuses on conducting business across boundaries. Students majoring in international business will be exposed to business topics such as finance, marketing and management from an international perspective. Specific examples of topics include international marketing, global logistics and international management, digital transformation and global sustainability management.  Students will also be expected to develop cross cultural awareness and sensitivity.


Finance, Banking & Accounting

This bachelor program is aimed for students who are eager to prepare for leading positions in the areas of finance, accounting, and banking. This degree program combines the strongly interlinked disciplines of accounting, controlling, corporate finance and corporate taxation. Students will be able to carry out demanding specialist and management tasks in both  nationwide and international companies across all industries, as well as areas of business consulting, tax consulting or auditing, finance and accounting.


Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is the act of engaging consumers of a certain product through the use of electronic devices such as: smart phones, computers, digital billboards, tablets, game consoles and cell phones among other electronic devices. The need to develop digital marketing professionals has become a necessity since the world is changing rapidly. Studying Digital Marketing prepares students for interactive marketing skills through creativity and application of modern digital media to promote sales and profits

This course helps bring together the aspects of digital media and creativity in marketing as well business promotion. And it offers students an opportunity to learn the skills of creating, processing and manipulating the digital content through modern technologies so as to bring about effective communication. Graduates from the BA Digital Marketing degree can pursue a number of career lines such as digital marketing, web design, and digital graphic design among others.


Entrepreneurship, Small and Medium Enterprises


Entrepreneurship, Small and medium enterprises are the backbone of any economy.  Students will learn the modern entrepreneurial economy and, more importantly, the strategic and managerial challenges small business owners and entrepreneurs face, moreover; students will learn about how small business owners and entrepreneurs can effectively manage their businesses. Small Business and Entrepreneurship graduate will be highly valued on the labour market.



Supply Chain Management

This consecutive degree programme provides its students with broad foundation in the principles of Business Administration with an international and application-orientated Global Supply Chain and Operations Management approach. The course teaches analytic skills, the development of goal-orientated operative and strategic measures and their implementation in new and broad-based contexts.
Taught entirely in English and assuming an interactive form, the modules of this course enable its students to develop reliable high-level English language skills. The course also makes use of the professional experience of its participants to address a range of complex topics. Small group work fosters an open dialogue and close contacts between the students, teaching staff and experts working in the sectors which the course examines. All this combines to produce an intensive case-study based working atmosphere which leads to stimulating reflection and solution-orientated discussions.
Graduates of this Master’s degree programme go on to work in a range of careers in the fast-growing international Global Supply Chain and Operations Management Community.