Empowering Egypt, Middle East and the African Region with world class and visionary German Applied Sciences University Education to effectively advance industry and economy through integrating state-of-art technology and academia for creating innovative, progressive and practice-oriented calibers who endeavor the scientific, technical, economic and cultural cooperation on national and international arenas.


  • Introduce a unique university teaching and learning experience through innovative solid German education approach that focuses on academic and professional expertise & the nourishment of the students’ talents and competencies’
  • Offer world-class competitive interdisciplinary curricula that are highly practice-oriented making use of state-of-the-art campus infrastructure and industry hands-on experience
  • Create competitive calibers with unique qualifications fitting to the global job market
  • Nourish the international study nature inherent through German education model by attracting students from neighboring countries to enrich diversity
  • Develop industrial and business networks with the national and international industry leaders in Egypt, Germany and other countries.
  • Attract and award annual scholarships for academically distinguished students
  • Train & develop academic & non-academic staff with the most up-to-date technology to create an intellectual atmosphere that copes with the dynamic & progressive industrial global environment